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Car Rider Procedures

Morning and Afternoon Procedures

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At CES, SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY!  We have nearly 600 students who go home each afternoon several different ways (bus riders, car riders, daycare, etc.). Our main goal is to keep each child safe by making sure they are dismissed per their parent’s instructions to a location with appropriate supervision. In order to allow us to continue to support each parent’s dismissal plan, please continue to uphold the following dismissal-related procedures:
Afternoon Dismissal: 
  1. Parents may NOT park in the main driveway of Charlotte Elementary School to await the start of our 3:00 p.m. dismissal.  Anyone approaching the school prior to 2:45 p.m. MUST come into the building and sign in at the school office. We need your cooperation with this matter in order to ensure the overall safety of students, staff and parents, and to provide clear and immediate access to the school for first responders in the event of an emergency.
  2. ALL early checkouts at CES stop at 2:45 each day. This means that if you attempt to come into CES between 2:45 and 3:00, you will be directed to get back in the car rider line and we will dismiss your child to you as part of our regular car rider dismissal procedure starting at 2:55.  If you need to check your child out of school early for an appointment, please do so no later than 2:45.
  3. If your child will be going home a different way than he or she usually does, parents are to send notice of this change to the child’s teacher IN WRITING on the day of the change. Please include your child’s first AND last name on the note, the teacher’s name, the date, and your signature.
  4. If you need to call the school to let us know of a change in your child’s dismissal plans for that day, you MUST call the school no later than 2:00 to let us know of the change. Again, please understand that we dismiss nearly 600 students each day and the last hour of the day is the busiest for our school office. We need a reasonable amount of time to get change messages and bus notes out to students and their teachers.
  5. NO TAG, NO CHILD. Anyone who comes to CES to pick up a student as a car rider MUST have a CAR RIDER tag. If you do not have a car rider tag, you will be required to come into the school office to sign the student out, get a tag and return to the car rider line.


  • Our CES morning bus room opens at 7:15 a.m. This is the earliest that students may arrive at school. Any student who arrives at school prior to 7:15 a.m. will be admitted to our Before School Daycare program and a fee will be assessed. Parents/Guardians will be responsible for this fee.
  • Your child should be ready to get out of the car as soon as you stop (Have backpacks on, lunches and projects in hand, etc.). 

    Students must NEVER be dropped off in the parking lot area and allowed to walk through the car rider line.

  • Put your car in PARK when you stop to let your child out and do not move forward until you are directed to do so by our staff.
  • Only use the INSIDE LANE when dropping off your child. This is the lane closest to the building. DO NOT let your child out of the car in the other parking areas.
  • Remind your child to get out of the car (if at all possible) on the RIGHT side of the car so that he or she will not have to come around in front of or back of the car out of your sight. IF your child must get out on the left-hand side of your vehicle, please have them walk around IN FRONT of your vehicle so that you can watch him or her go all the way around the car to the sidewalk.
  • Remind your child to NEVER go back to the car if he or she has forgotten or dropped something. Often, drivers are unable to see children who run back toward cars.
  • BY LAW, the use of cell phones is prohibited inside a school zone and while operating a motor vehicle.
  • Do not park in either lane of traffic or under our covered drop-off area. If you need to come into the school building with your child, please park in one of the available parking spaces.

As always, thank you for assisting us in making your child’s school day as safe as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about these procedures please contact us at 740-5803.

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