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 Fourth Project for 4th Grade:

Birdhouses & Cookie Bake-off!

 Mrs. Dwyer's Homeroom: 
First Place: Leah Cartwright
Second Place: Trey Ashworth
Third Place: Colton Bretoi
 Mrs. Dwyer's Homeroom:
First Place: Madison Moore
Second Place: Makinna Denton
Mrs. Dwyer's Homeroom:
First Place: Mikayah Burnette
Second Place: Kaden Grigsby
Third Place: Cierra Williams/Ian Hall
Mrs. Dwyer's Cookie Winners:
First Place: Colton Bretoi
Second Place: Ian Hall
Third Place: Chris Lee
Mrs. Robinson's Homeroom:
First Place: Caden Russell
Second Place: Savannah Greene
Third Place: Hunter Webb 
 Mrs. Robinson's Homeroom:
First Place: Phoebe Pierce
Second Place: Olivia Craig
Third Place: Kennadi Miller
Mrs. Robinson's Homeroom:
First Place: Joaquin Jackson
Second Place: John Ramsey
Third Place: Joseph Suddot
Mrs. Langley's Cookie Winners:
First Place: Olivia Ramsey
Second Place: Mary Ellen Burgess
Third Place: Maci Albright
Mrs. Robinson's Cookie Winners:
First Place: Russ Ferrell
Second Place: Kaden Russell
Third Place: Jacquelyn Miller
Mrs. Salley's Cookie Winners:
First Place: Olivia Fowlkes
Second Place: Trevyn Little
Third Place: Kelsey Ellison
 Mrs. Griffin's Homeroom:
 First Place: Jenna Jackson
Second Place: Layla Frost
Third Place:  Kaylee Dial
Mrs. Gossett's Homeroom:
 First Place: Chloe Noland
Second Place: Anne Alise Ussery
Third Place:  Kaydin Trull &
Keeley Austell

 Fourth Project for 5th Grade: Demonstrations!

 Mr. Bryson's Homeroom
First Place: Antonella Rubio
Second Place: Liam Spencer
Third Place: Jake Blackmore
 Miss Lori's Homeroom
First Place: Shaylea Parker
Second Place: Damarcus Strickland
Marley Lucas 
Third Place: Makaylee Cole
 Mrs. Burns' Homeroom
First Place: John Bybee,
Ben Pewitt, Curtis Kelley,
Mika Pasquale,Sabrina Potter 
Second Place: Lacy Turner, 
Mia Bailey, Brystol Adams,
Blake Mosley 
Third Place: Alyssa Cantrell,
Blake Norfleet, Brooke Durham 
 Mrs. Reed's Homeroom
First Place: Thomas Redden
Second Place: Karleigh Stevenson
Third Place: Valarie Green and
Makinzy Alderidge 
 Mrs. Ward's Homeroom
First Place: Keely Webb,
Evie Steidl, Edward Davidson,
Jacoby Quijada, Britt Talley,
Ella Kincaid 
Second Place: Montana Richardson
Gavin Franklin, Haylee Turner
Lindsey Dunaway 
Third Place: Alyssa Cantrell,
Brooke Durham, Chris Gonzalez 
 Mrs. Wilson's Homeroom
First Place: Quenby Hamilton
and Rowan Kavli 
Second Place: Isabella Hipshire
Third Place:  Maeleigh Armstrong


 Fifth Grade 4-H Officers


 Mr. Bryson's Homeroom:

President: Ella Hopper

Vice President: Ayden Booker

Secretary: Alohna McClanahan

Service Chair: Kingston Holt


 Miss Lori's Homeroom:

President: Damarcus Strickland 

Vice President: Emma Belt

Secretary: Seth Hood

Service Chair: Cayden Tanner 

 Mrs. Burns' Homeroom:

President: Sabrina Potter 

Vice President: Brystol Adams

Secretary: Blake Mosley

Service Chair: Benjamin Pewitt



 Mrs. Reed's Homeroom:

President: Karleigh Stevenson

Vice President: Ashlynn Brand

Secretary: Dasaney Harmon

Service Chair: Charlie Roberts


 Mrs. Ward's Homeroom:

President:Evie Steidl

Vice President: Gavin Franklin

Secretary: Ella Kincaid

Service Chair: Keely Webb

 Mrs. Wilson's Homeroom:

President: Quenby Hamilton

Vice President: Blake Montgomery

Secretary: Isabella Hipshire

Service Chair: Marlie Holt

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