First Project: Piggy Banks!

 Mrs. Dwyer's Homeroom
First Place: Leah Cartwright
Second Place: Ian Hall
Third Place: Willow Oliphant
 Mrs. Griffin's Homeroom
First Place: Briley Childers
Second Place: Kylan Clark
Mrs. Gossett's Homeroom
First Place: Chloe Noland and Sophia Evans
Second Place: Zoe Warden
Third Place: Treaven Dunnagan
 Mrs. Langley's Homeroom
First Place: Mary Ellen Burgess
and Cullom Marvin
 Mrs. Robinson's Homeroom
First Place: Savannah Green
Second Place: Olivia Craig
Third Place: Nico Nociti
 Mrs. Salley's Homeroom
First Place:
Second Place:
Third Place:
 Mr. Bryson's Homeroom
First Place: Alohna McClanahan
Second Place: Ella Hopper
Third Place: McKinzie Sarlo
 Miss Lori's Homeroom
First Place: Shaylea Parker
 Mrs. Burns' Homeroom
First Place:
Second Place:
Third Place:
 Mrs. Reed's Homeroom
First Place: Ashlynn Brand
Second Place: Karleigh Stevenson
Third Place: Riley Davidson
 Mrs. Ward's Homeroom
First Place: Alyssa Cantrell
Second Place: Ella Kincaid and Lindsay Dunaway
Third Place: Graycei Vanderpool and Keely Webb 
 Mrs. Wilson's Homeroom
First Place: Brianna Gafford


 Fifth Grade 4-H Officers


 Mr. Bryson's Homeroom:

President: Ella Hopper

Vice President: Ayden Booker

Secretary: Alohna McClanahan

Service Chair: Kingston Holt


 Miss Lori's Homeroom:

President: Damarcus Strickland 

Vice President: Emma Belt

Secretary: Seth Hood

Service Chair: Cayden Tanner 

 Mrs. Burns' Homeroom:

President: Sabrina Potter 

Vice President: Brystol Adams

Secretary: Blake Mosley

Service Chair: Benjamin Pewitt



 Mrs. Reed's Homeroom:

President: Karleigh Stevenson

Vice President: Ashlynn Brand

Secretary: Dasaney Harmon

Service Chair: Charlie Roberts


 Mrs. Ward's Homeroom:

President:Evie Steidl

Vice President: Gavin Franklin

Secretary: Ella Kincaid

Service Chair: Keely Webb

 Mrs. Wilson's Homeroom:

President: Quenby Hamilton

Vice President: Blake Montgomery

Secretary: Isabella Hipshire

Service Chair: Marlie Holt

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