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Andrea Beaubien
Beaubien, Andrea
Assistant Principal
Barbara Bennett
Bennett, Barbara
Educational Assistant
Vicky Booker
Booker, Vicky
David Bradford
Bradford, David
P.E. Teacher
Devin Bradford
Bradford, Devin
Title One Assistant
Neil Brock
Brock, Neil
Music Teacher
Gala Brooks
Brooks, Gala
Guidance Teacher
Carol Chandler
Chandler, Carol
Special Education Teacher
Suzanne Collins
Collins, Suzanne
Third Grade Teacher

My name is Suzanne Collins. I attended Middle Tennessee State University.  I started teaching in 1996. I have taught several subjects between kindergarten and eighth grade. I don’t remember a time in my life I didn’t want to be a teacher. When I was little, I played school all the time. I have a family full of teachers and educators. There are so many different reasons I like teaching my students. Each and every day is a new challenge. I love the enthusiasm students bring each day. 

Travis Cothron
Cothron, Travis
Fifth Grade Teacher
Joy Dotson
Dotson, Joy
Educational Assistant
JP Dotson
Dotson, JP
Third Grade Teacher
Monica Earhart
Earhart, Monica
Speech Teacher
Leslie Easley
Easley, Leslie
Fourth Grade Teacher
Kay Eaton
Eaton, Kay
School Nutrition Manager
Regina Evetts
Evetts, Regina
Special Education Teacher
Rebecca Felts
Felts, Rebecca
Educational Assistant
Christina Flowers
Flowers, Christina
Lunch Room Monitor
Vanessa Flowers
Flowers, Vanessa
Second Grade Teacher
My name is Vanessa Flowers. I attended Belmont University. I began teaching in 1995. I have taught first and second grades.
I have always wanted to be a teacher; I remember playing school when I was a little girl. I love helping students learn, and I love seeing "the light bulb" come on when they learn something new! I will be one of those 90 year olds you see on the news who is still teaching! Ha!!
Deborah Fuller
Fuller, Deborah
ELL Teacher

My name is Debbie Fuller. I attended Middle Tennessee State University for my bachelor’s and master’s degree. I started teaching in 1992.  I have taught Kindergarten through fourth grade.  I have also taught ELL Kindergarten through twelfth grade.  I have wanted to teach since I was six years old. I have had some wonderful teachers over the years. I love the student’s eagerness to learn, their curiosity, and humor. They make me want to come to work each day. 

Kelsey Geisler
Geisler, Kelsey
Fourth Grade Teacher
Tracy Gilliam
Gilliam, Tracy
Educational Assistant
Pam Harris
Harris, Pam
RTI Manager
Olivia Heine
Heine, Olivia
Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Olivia Rhett. I attended Mississippi State University. I began teaching in 2017. I have taught and worked with all grades Kindergarten through third. I became a teacher because I love working with children. I enjoy developing meaningful relationships with my students. I also love seeing the moments when they grasp a concept or reach a goal. 

Renea Horner
Horner, Renea
Kindergarten Teacher
Carrie Horzsa
Horzsa, Carrie
Educational Assistant
Chantel Jones
Jones, Chantel
First Grade Teacher

My name is Chantel Jones. I attended Murray State University.  I began teaching in 2010. I’ve taught first grade the whole time. When I was in second grade and moved to a new school in the middle of the year, the teacher was so patient and awesome. She had such a fun class and she taught me how to write in cursive. I like how we do fun things in our class that I can say in the hallway and they know exactly what to do. Our classroom climate rocks!

Allison Kruse
Kruse, Allison
Instructional Coach
Karen Lagan
Lagan, Karen
First Grade Teacher

My name is Karen Lagan. I attended Austin Peay State University. I began teaching in 1993.  I have taught academics in kindergarten through second, and fifth/sixth split.  I love working with children and I wanted to be with my own children throughout their education. My husband and my own children inspired me to become a teacher. I love seeing their eyes light up when they accomplish a goal such as reading a book for the first time or solving a problem. I also love it when they accidently say “mom” instead of Mrs. Lagan, this really feels my heart. If you are comfortable enough to call someone mom, you feel loved. 

Lisa McFarlin
McFarlin, Lisa
Special Education Teacher

My name is Lisa McFarlin. I attended Tennessee Technological University for my bachelor’s degree. I attended Murfreesboro Tennessee State University for my master’s degree. I began teaching in 1999. I have taught fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade with all subjects, resource Math and Reading Language Arts.  I had some great teachers that made a great impact on my life. I like interacting with students and when they are proud about something they have learned that they have worked hard for.

Deborah Milam
Milam, Deborah
Educational Assistant
Suzanne Parham
Parham, Suzanne
Title One
Lorrie Parker
Parker, Lorrie
Second Grade Teacher
Christy Perez
Perez, Christy
Fifth Grade Teacher

My name is Christy Perez. I attended Austin Peay State University. I started teaching in 1998. I have taught Kindergarten, fourth, and fifth grade. I have wanted to be a teacher ever since second grade. I like how it challenges me to always find ways to reach my students. 

Marjorie Queen
Queen, Marjorie
Third Grade Teacher
Terry Queen
Queen, Terry
Lunch Room Monitor
Savannah Redferrin
Redferrin, Savannah
Fourth Grade Teacher
Amanda Roche
Roche, Amanda
Katherine Sheffield
Sheffield, Katherine
Second Grade Teacher

My name is Katherine Sheffield.  I attended University of Tennessee. I started teaching in Louisiana in 1984. I started teaching in the second grade. I have taught from first grade to a split fourth/fifth grade. My favorite aunt and uncle were both educators. They noticed when were all together, that I always wanted to play school with my younger cousins. When I got older, they told me they thought I would make a great teacher. I really love being able to interact with the children with ease. I want them to know, without telling them, that I care a lot about them. 

Beth Smiley
Smiley, Beth
Arizona Smith
Smith, Arizona
Barbara Stinson
Stinson, Barbara
Educational Assistant
Joye Street
Street, Joye
Sharon Sullivan
Sullivan, Sharon
Lunch Room Monitor
Joshua Sumerour
Sumerour, Joshua
Rochelle Taylor
Taylor, Rochelle
Pre-K Teacher
Susan Tomlinson
Tomlinson, Susan
Pre-K Assistant
Brittany Trotter
Trotter, Brittany
Educational Assistant
Teanna Turner
Turner, Teanna
ELL Assistant
Tricee Turner
Turner, Tricee
First Grade Teacher

My name is Tricee Turner. I attended Lipscomb University. I began teaching in 2010.  I have taught kindergarten and first grade. I want to make a difference in the lives of students as an African American teacher. My inspiration comes from my daughter’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Jane Wallace. She recommended I get a degree in Education.  I love to see them show improvement in subject areas. It  fills my heart with joy to see them get excited when they learn something new. 

Diana Vandyke
Vandyke, Diana
Title One Teacher
Amber Wallace
Wallace, Amber
Art Teacher

My name is Amber Wallace. I attended Austin Peay State University. This is my very first year of teaching!  I teach Pre-K through fifth grade art.  I became a teacher so that I could introduce kids to the world of art and show them that everyone has something to contribute when it comes to vision and creativity, regardless of perceived “ability”. I like getting to know each student and their personalities. Teaching these kids about art and how to use art to express themselves help them to reveal little bits of who they are. Each kid is so special and unique and getting to know them all has been so much fun! 

Rosemary Wallace
Wallace, Rosemary
Stephanie Warren
Warren, Stephanie
Kindergarten Teacher
Vicky Williams
Williams, Vicky
Computer Lab Teacher

My name is Vicky Williams Brooksher. I started work at Dickson Elementary in 1996. I started as a cafeteria monitor. I did that for about 3 years. I then was offered the ISS position and accepted. I went to Dickson Vocational School learning Basic and Intermediate Computer Skills offered by Dickson County Schools. I was offered Computer Lab Instructor in 2002 by Donnie Spann and accepted. It's an honor to be able to work where I went to school as a child and then later my children went to school here as well.

Sherry Winn
Winn, Sherry
Title One Assistant
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