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Dr. Corey Duke It is our intent to bring the students of Dickson Intermediate School a quality education by giving them opportunities to excel in the classroom, as well as in other avenues.  DIS strives to bridge the gap for our 6th graders from an elementary education to a secondary education.  Our desire is to give our students an exceptional education, while introducing them to extracurricular activities in order to prepare them to be active and productive 21st century citizens.  The DIS family is dedicated to guiding students as they develop real-world skills (teamwork, cooperation, and acceptance of differences) as well as a genuine interest in helping others.  We know our students will be successful learners if they can abide by three valuable characteristics: Respect, Responsibility, and Effort; everyone at DIS is committed to helping students obtain these characteristics.  The faculty‚Äôs mission is DRIVE (Determination, Respect for others, Investment in education, Vision for the future, and Encouragement for others).  We hope that in combination with the community, we can provide the best possible education for our students.


Dr. Corey Duke 
Principal at DIS
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