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Essential 30

  1. Say yes ma'am and no sir.
  2. Make eye contact when speaking to someone.
  3. Congratulate a peer.
  4. Be respectful of others opinions, comments and ideas.
  5. If you win, do not brag. If you lose, do not show anger.
  6. Do not show disrespect with gestures-do not roll your eyes or say "humph."
  7. Always say thank you when given something.
  8. Do not ask for a reward-It is rude to ask for a gift or reward for good behavior or grades. You should try to do your best and be good because you are trying to better yourself, not because you expect a reward.
  9. When assignments are given, complete them every day.
  10. Transitions should be swift, quiet, and orderly. Hall transitions should be to the right of the hallway.
  11. Follow specific classroom protocols.
  12. Know administrators and other teachers by name and greet them in the hall by name.
  13. Greet newcomers and make them feel welcome. Shake their hand and ask their name.
  14. Mind your own business-If a student is being reprimanded, do not add comment, smirk, or ask the student about the situation.
  15. Push in your chair when you get up from a table. Pick up and throw away trash, even if it is not yours.
  16. When offered food, take only your fair share.
  17. If someone drops something and you are close to it, pick it up.
  18. Hold the door for people rather than letting it close on them.
  19. If someone bumps in to you, say excuse me, even if it is not your fault.
  20. Ladies first.
  21. Remove caps or hats upon entering a building.
  22. Never cut in line.
  23. Keep your hands to yourself.
  24. Stand up for what’s right.
  25. Surprise others by doing random acts of kindness.
  26. Be positive and enjoy life.
  27. Learn from your mistakes and move on.
  28. No matter what the circumstances, always be honest.
  29. Be the best person you can be.
  30. Carpe Diem!
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