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Placement Types at NDA

  1. Determinant Sentence (DS)
    1. Students the DHA believes need to be out of the regular school environment for a time but do not believe a 10 week placement is appropriate may be placed at NDA with a Determinant Sentence.
    2. If I student continues to demonstrate inappropriate behavior while serving his/her DS at NDA, she/he may be referred to the DHA to place a student in the full-length alternative school program.
  2. In Lieu of Suspension (ILS)
    1. Students who have been suspended for three (3) or more days (cumulative or a one time event) may be assigned to NDA to serve in lieu of suspension days.
    2. If the student continues to demonstrate inappropriate behavior while assigned to NDA, the administration of the home school will be apprized of the behavior and further disciplinary action may occur. If the behavior is of a severe nature (examples only - physical and/or verbal aggression against NDA staff or students, zero tolerance offenses, etc.), NDA administration, in conjunction with the home school, reserves the right to call a DHA
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