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Zoning Listening Tours FAQs

Listening Tours Questions and Answers

Q1. "What can I do to keep my IEP student at Centennial? They are zoned to the new elementary school." 
A1. Answer: If services offered are comparable, an application for Out-of-Zone may be completed. OOZ forms will be made available the first week of June.
Q2. "Will sports be available the first year at BMS?" 
A2. We intend to offer a full athletic program at BMS for this fall. We have already communicated with TMSAA and notified them of our intent. We will follow a tryout schedule similar to the other middle schools as soon as the final decisions about zoning are made.
Q3. "Will students from BMS transition to CWHS or DCHS?" 
A3. Currently the Board has not addressed zoning at the high school level. Nothing has been stated to indicate any changes would be made. These students are currently zoned to DCHS.
Q4. "Will any thought be given to the kids that have already started middle school? My Child would like to finish where she started." 
A4. The Board has discussed, but not made a final decision, on "grandfathering". 
Q5. "In hardship cases will students be allowed to go to out of zone schools? If parents' jobs do not allow for parental guidance before and after school houses and grandparents are responsible for them before and after school?" 
A5. In general, the policies surrounding out-of-zone students have not changed. OOZ forms will be made available the first week of June.
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