Event Details

  • Event Title:
    School Zoning Listening Tour
  • Event Time:
    Starting 2/11/2019 at 5:30 PM and ending on 2/11/2019
  • Event Groups:
    • Dickson County School District - District Events
    • Dickson Middle School - Dickson Middle School Events
    • Dickson Intermediate School - Dickson Intermediate School Events
    • Centennial Elementary School - Centennial Elementary School Events
    • Dickson Elementary School - Dickson Elementary School Events
    • Oakmont Elementary School - Oakmont Elementary School Events
    • The Discovery School - The Discovery School Events
  • Description:
    Board members will be available for listening tours on the following:
    Feb 11 @ Oakmont Elementary (5:30 pm)
    Feb 21 @ Dickson Middle (6:00 pm)
    Mar 05 @ The Discovery School (7:00 pm)
    The public is welcome to come to any of the three meetings. In addition, comments may be e-mailed to info@dcbe.org. Frequently asked questions will be placed on the System’s website.
    The listening tours are an opportunity for the community to provide input; however, these are not question and answer sessions. Community members who have questions will have an opportunity to leave questions and have a response returned to them.
  • Location:
    Oakmont Elementary School