Dr. Blake Jones

Dr. Blake Jones
Social Studies Teacher
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Building/Department Assignments:
Dickson County High School - Dickson County High School Staff
Dickson County High School - Social Studies

Biographical Information:
Born in: Dickson, TN
College attended: Western Kentucky University, Arizona State University, and Western Governors University
Started teaching in: 2010
Favorite thing about my job: Preparing students for their next step in life
3 things I love: Watching Football, Cooking, Reading
Favorite quote: “For the narcissist sees the world–both the past and the present–in his own image. Mature historical understanding teaches us to do the opposite: to go beyond our own image, to go beyond our brief life, and to go beyond the fleeting moment in human history into which we have been born. History educates (“leads outward” in the Latin) in the deepest sense. Of the subjects in the secular curriculum, it is the best at teaching those virtues once reserved for theology–humility in the face of our limited ability to know, and awe in the face of the expanse of history.” - Professor Sam Wineburg

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