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"Dickson Elementary School Is Committed to Promoting the Academic and Character of All Students." 


   At Dickson Elementary, we aspire to ignite the flames of learning and character in every individual. Our mission is to foster a supportive environment that empowers every student to attain their academic and moral goals.  

        Dickson Elementary is a public school located in Dickson, TN that was established in August 1957 in a remote town setting. Initially, the school had twelve classrooms, exclusively catering to students in the sixth through eighth grades. Presently, it serves Pre-K through fifth-grade students, with an approximate student count of 337.   

         With a team of approximately 50 full and part-time staff, Dickson Elementary is committed to fostering an enriched learning environment. We understand that learning is a journey, and we strive to provide our students with the necessary tools and skills to navigate that journey successfully. Our curriculum is designed to challenge and engage our students in a way that inspires a lifelong love of learning.  

      Upon completing their elementary years at Dickson Elementary, the students continue their education by enrolling in Dickson Middle School for grades 6-8 and Dickson County High School for grades 9-12. Our goal at Dickson Elementary is to kindle a passion for learning and character development in each student that will last throughout their educational journey.  

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