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  • Attendance is important for student achievement. Students are expected to be present each day school is in session. The child’s parent or guardian is responsible for attendance. 

  • Excused absences: 

    • The student's personal illness or hospitalization. A physician’s statement or parent conference may be required.

    •  An illness or incapacitating condition of a family member which requires the temporary help of a student. A physician's statement will be required.

    •  A death in the immediate family. Family includes parents, step-parents, guardian, grandparents, brother, sister, step-brother/sister, aunt and uncle. Appropriate documentation may be required.

    •  Recognized religious holidays/events. Parents or guardians are requested to inform the school principal prior to a student being absent from school for religious holidays/events regularly observed by persons of their faith. 

    • Required court appearance. Verification from appropriate authorities must be provided. 

    • Other emergency extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student which may be approved at the discretion of the principal. 

    • Students shall be excused for up to five days when the parent or guardian returns from active military service. 

    •  Students shall be permitted to make up schoolwork missed during the excused absences. 

  • After three unexcused absences, there is a required meeting with the student and guardian/parent. At that time an attendance contract will be completed. 

  • Only a parent or guardian will be allowed to sign out a student, unless written arrangements have been made in advance by the parent or guardian. 

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