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Parents are the forever educator in their children's lives. At NDA, we strive to assist parents with their goals for their children. If there is a need please let the NDA staff know. If there is something we can do to help your child please let the staff know. If your child woke up on the wrong side of the bed or had a bad night please let us know. We will make accommodations to turn a potentially bad day into a good one. Parents play an important part of the puzzle in education. NDA is here to help you in any way. 


We got this
Our doors are open to all students in their time of need. All we expect of students at NDA is to come to school in dress code (we can help if that is a problem), ask for help if needed in classwork or dealing with issues, and work with the staff. There are only two non-negotiable rules at NDA: 
1. Everyone works
      We all have a job to do. It is ok if you need help or don't understand but saying I am not going to work is not an option at NDA. 
2. Students cannot curse staff  
      If you need a minute to compose yourself or you are very upset, just ask for a time out and we will take care of you.
All the rest we will work through with a student. They need nothing as far as school supplies because we cover that too.  

NDA School Hours

We are open
Our doors open at 7:00 am for drop off.  

All students must be picked up by 4:00 pm.  
Class begins at 7:45 am and ends at 2:45 pm. 
If a student arrives after 7:45 am they are considered tardy. 
Unfortunately there is no day care at NDA. 
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