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Dr. Corey Duke, Principal                                   Michelle Prieur, Assistant Principal

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Respect, Responsibility, Effort


Respect: Be respectful to every member of the BMS team.  Those members include: Teachers, staff, and students.

Responsibility: Be responsible for your actions, your work, and your school.  You can and will make a difference. 

Effort: Always put forth your best effort 100% of the time.


Burns Middle School Mission is:

To provide a comprehensive education which will support the emotional, social, and academic development of each individual student in the Burns Middle School Community.


Burns Middle School Vision is:

To prepare students for their future endeavors through a highly supportive and student-centered community of learning to promote academic, social, and emotional growth.


Burns Middle School Goals:

Culture of Learning

Attitude of Learning

Teaching for Learning

Student Driven



=         Doors open at 7 a.m.  Please do not drop your student off prior to this time. Students shall proceed to the cafeteria or gym.

=         The bell rings at 7:55 a.m. If students are not in class at this time, they are tardy and will need to proceed to the office for a late slip.

=         Once a student has accumulated 5 tardies, he/she will be assigned to lunch detention to make up their lost time from school.


=         At 2:55, car riders are dismissed to the front of the building. Early bus riders are dismissed to the bus loading area at the back of the building.

=         For safety and security reason, no car riders should be lined in the car rider line prior to 2:45pm.

=         At 3:05, late bus riders are dismissed to the bus loading area at the back of the building.

=         Students should not be using cell phones during this time without teacher permission.

=         Once a student has accumulated 5 early dismissals, he/she will be assigned to lunch detention to make up their lost time from school.

=         If you are going to make dismissal changes for your child, please call the front office by 1 pm or send a note with your child to turn in to the office upon arrival at school.


Attendance Policy

  • When absent from school, regardless of the reason, the student must bring a note stating the reason for the absence to the office the morning he or she returns to school.  The first 5 absences for the school year may be excused with a parent note.  After the first five, a professional note will be required for the remainder of the school year in order for the absence to be excused.  According to School Board Policy, eight tardies/checkouts is equivalent to one unexcused absence.


  • If a student is absent for more than one day and you wish to obtain his/her missed work, you may call the office by 10:00 am. Missed work and homework may be picked up in the office after 2:30 p.m.

Perfect Attendance Guidelines

The following guidelines will be considered when determining if a student has maintained perfect attendance during the school day.  A student must be in class a minimum of 30 minutes to be considered present. Students will not be considered absent if they are attending a school-sponsored activity or approved by the teacher to be in some other location on campus.  All other absences, including the nurse’s office, ISS or any other disciplinary infraction will be counted when determining perfect attendance at BMS.

Dress Code

As a result of stakeholder input from teachers, students, and parents, the following is considered acceptable school attire for the school year.


=         Must have sleeves

=         No cleavage or undergarments visible

=         Must completely cover midriffs (even when arms are raised)

=         May not be sheer/see through


=         Shorts, skirts, dresses must touch the knee

=         No leggings unless shirt/dress touches the knee all the way around

=         No holes, tears, frays or patches allowed on any part of the pants

=         Pants must be worn at waistline

=         Undergarments may not be visible


=         No questionable slogans

=         No tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gang, criminal activity, sexual slogans, etc.

=         No bandannas, combs, chains, facial paint, spiked necklaces or bracelets, sunglasses

=         No hats or hoods inside the building

=         No tails or animal ears

=         No pajamas, house shoes or bedroom slippers allowed

=         No blankets allowed

**Administration reserves the right to address issues that may arise on a case by case basis


Hallway Procedures

=         No loud talking or yelling

=         No running, pushing, shoving, or fighting

=         No destruction of school property

=         No PDA-Public Display of Affection

=         Stay to the right side of the hallway while walking

=         All other school rules apply in the hallways



Students are required to do the following:

=         Follow the teachers’ instructions

=         Have appropriate materials

=         Cooperate with the activities of the class

=         Refusal can result in office referral, parent conference, and other measures


Classroom Rules

  • Students must follow individual classroom rules



Code of Conduct Guidelines


Infraction                                                                    Consequences

Assaulting Faculty or Staff                                             Out-of-School Suspension; Student petitioned to the                                                                                                                 DHA for a possible placement at NDA

Assault of another student                                             1st offense: 5 days Out-of-School suspension

                                                                                                2nd offense: 7 days Out-of-School suspension

                                                                                                3rd offense: Out-of-School Suspension; Student                                                                                                                                                 petitioned to the DHA for a possible                                                                                                                                               placement at NDA


Bus Misconduct                                                                  1st offense: Warning

                                                                                                2nd offense: 3 day suspension from the bus

                                                                                                3rd offense: 5 day suspension from the bus

                                                                                                4th offense: 10 day suspension from the bus

                                                                                                5th offense: Suspend privileges for the remainder of the                                                                                                                                  year

Cell phone                                                                             1st offense: Take phone up, return at the end of the day

                                                                                                2nd offense: Parent pick up, lunch detention

                                                                                                3rd offense: Parent pick up, 2 lunch detentions

                                                                                                4th offense: Parent pick up, ISS

Conduct Prejudicial to Good Order                                1st offense:  ISS, or OSS depending on severity                                                                                                                                            

Dangerous Weapons/firearms                                         Out-of-School Suspension; Student petitioned to the                                                                                                                 DHA for a possible placement at NDA


Disrupting Class                                                                  1st offense: lunch detention

                                                                                                2nd offense: 2 lunch detention[s1] s

                                                                                                3rd offense: 3 lunch detentions

                                                                                                4th offense: ISS

                                                                                                5th offense: 2 days ISS

Dress Code                                                                           1st offense: Warning; allow to change

                                                                                                2nd offense: If they change, lunch detention[s2] [mP3] 

                                                                                                3rd offense: ISS

Drug/Drug look alike                                                          Out-of-School Suspension; Student petitioned to the                                                                                                                  DHA for a possible placement at NDA

Fighting                                                                                 1st offense: 5 days Out-of-School suspension

                                                                                                2nd offense: 7 days Out-of-School suspension

                                                                                                3rd offense: Out-of-School Suspension; Student                                                                                                                                                 petitioned to the DHA for a possible                                                                                                                                               placement at NDA

Minor Disrespect                                                               1st offense: lunch detention

                                                                                                2nd offense: In-School Suspension (ISS)

                                                                                                3rd offense: 3 days In-School Suspension (ISS)

                                                                                                4th offense: 5 days ISS- Behavior Modification

Persistent Violation of School Rules                               Out-of-School Suspension; Student petitioned to the                                                                                                                  DHA for a possible placement at NDA

Public Display of Affection                                              1st offense: Warning

                                                                                                2nd offense: ISS

                                                                                                3rd offense: 2 days ISS

                                                                                                4th offense: 5 days ISS- Behavior Modification

Refusal to Follow Directions                                           1st offense: lunch detention, ISS, or OSS depending on                                                                                                                      severity          

Theft                                                                                      1st Offense: Behavior Modification (5 days of ISS)

                                                                                                2nd offense: 5 days OSS

                                                                                                3rd offense: Out-of-School Suspension; Student                                                                                                                                 petitioned to the DHA for a possible                                                                                                                                               placement at NDA


Tobacco                                                                                1st offense: Report to Juvenile Court and one day of ISS

                                                                                                2nd offense: Report to Juvenile Court, and Behavior                                                                                                                            Modification (5-days of ISS)

Vandalism                                                                            1st offense:  lunch detention, ISS, or OSS depending[s4]                                                                                                                                        on severity  

Video Recording                                                                 1st offense:  ISS or OSS depending on[s5]  severity                                                                                                                                                        

Vulgar Language                                                                1st offense: Warning

                                                                                                2nd offense: 5 days of lunch detention

                                                                                                3rd offense: ISS

Cell Phone Policy *Applies to all electronic/communication devices

=         Please do not contact (call or text) your student during the day. If you need to contact your child, please call the office at 615-740-1860.

=         May be used during morning bus room

=         May be used when directed by a teacher for instruction

=         Should be turned off and placed in backpacks or purses during school day, unless otherwise permitted by staff

=         Are not permitted to be used in restrooms

=         Pictures and videos on cell phones or electronic devices are not allowed to be taken on school premises due to student privacy policies.

=         Should be put away at car rider and bus rider locations

=         Burns Middle School is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones or devices.

=         Any of the above infractions will result in the confiscation of the cell phone. Please see student Code of Conduct.


=        Each student will be assigned a locker and should utilize a lock.

=        Do not share lockers or combinations to locks.

=        BMS is not responsible for stolen or damaged property.

=        Although students are assigned lockers, they remain the property of Dickson County Schools and are subject to search by administration.

Dropping Off Items for Students

=         If a student needs an item dropped off (instrument, binder, lunch, money, etc), please make sure you have already labeled the item with your student’s name prior to dropping it off at the front office.

Valuable Items

=         Burns Middle School will not be responsible for lost, broken, or stolen items.

=         Do NOT bring large amounts of money or valuable items to school.



=         All persons visiting the school will first check in at the office.

=         Identification is required.

=         Non-students are not to visit students enrolled in this school.



We are committed to providing our students with the best educational environment; we strive to minimize interruptions and distractions.  We welcome open communication and parent conferences.  Please schedule these during the teacher’s planning time.  Conferences with administrators will be by appointment only.



=         Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right.

=         Students are expected to follow all rules set by the DCBOE and the bus driver.

=         Students can be suspended or expelled for disobedience or disturbances on buses.

=         Students who ride buses to an elementary school are under the supervision of the elementary principal.

=         Permission to ride a different bus must be approved before school dismissal.  All requests need to be made to the front office by 1:00  pm.

=         Children will not be allowed to get off the school bus except at their destination.

=         If your child will be taking a different mode of transportation home that is not his/her normal mode of transportation, the office must be notified by 1:00 in order to notify your child.

Inclement Weather

=         Information on school closures will be made via:

o   Television

o   Radio

o   Website

o   Facebook

o   Twitter

o   School information line at 615-441-1994

o   In-touch (automated phone system)

=         It is imperative that your child knows how he/she is to get home on these abbreviated days.


Field Trips

=         Purpose is to enhance learning and/or reward students for academic excellence

=         The teacher is responsible for guidelines and can prohibit students from attending the field trip based on, but not limited to, excessive absences, extreme or excessive discipline issues, and lack of academic effort.


School Dances

=         Throughout the year, students may attend dances at the school.

=         Attire should be school appropriate.

=         Parents must pick students up by the end time given. If students are picked up late, they may not be allowed to attend the next school dance.

=         If a student is absent the day of a dance, they will not be permitted in the dance.

=         Students who have extreme or excessive discipline issues and/or lack of academic effort will not be permitted in the dance. 

=         Administration and teachers reserve the right to make decisions on dance attendance on a case-by-case basis .

Guidance Department

=         Is an advocate for all students .

=         Helps foster productive relationships with students, staff, and families .

=         The counselor at Burns Middle School believes that every student has a right to be heard and treated with respect.

=         Students are the utmost priority.

=         Will continually focus on helping students reach their potential and succeed to their highest individual level


Burns Middle School expects all persons to conduct themselves in a manner in keeping with their level of development, maturity, and demonstrated capabilities with a proper regard for the rights and welfare of others.  Appropriate behavior includes treating others with civility and respect, and refusing to tolerate harassment or bullying. 

Crisis Plan and Drills

Burns Middle School’s crisis team has developed a plan to keep the students and staff of BMS safe in the event of a crisis.  Periodically, Burns Middle School will conduct drills to ensure that the students and staff can execute our plan in case of an emergency. 

Textbook Agreement

=         The Textbook Agreement form must be signed before books are issued.

=         Each student will be furnished sufficient books for each class.

=         All issued books must be turned in at the end of the course

If a book has been defaced, lost, or damaged, the parent will be liable for the charge of replacing the textbook.

BMS Agreement Signature Page

After reading the information contained in the handbook, complete the section below. Return the entire page to your fourth period teacher.

My child and I have read and reviewed the Burns Middle School Code of Conduct and Student Handbook. We understand the contents of both documents and agree to abide by them.

Student's Name/Signature _________________________________/_______________________________

Parent's Name/Signature __________________________________/________________________________


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