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January 10, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

    As we move forward in this school year, fewer restrictions will allow us to enjoy certain school functions that we have been forced to avoid since the beginning of the pandemic.  We have already begun the process of scheduling events like dances and grade-level field trips that will take place during the second semester.  We are excited to provide these opportunities to our students as a way to show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication that many of them have shown over the course of the school year!  

    As we prepare for a safe and successful transition back into these types of activities, we ask that students and parents remember that school policies still apply to these types of events.  Please refer to the school handbook for discipline policies, as students who have repeat behavior offenses or lack of academic effort will not be allowed to fully participate in these events.  Letters will be sent home to specific individuals if this is the case.  Additionally, please remember that the school dress code policy still applies during dances and field trips.  Any violation of these policies will result in the students having to get picked up immediately from the function.  

Within the next few weeks, we hope to make an announcement about the first of these school functions!  Please reach out to your student’s teachers, or the Burns Middle School office staff, if you have any questions.


Burns Middle School Faculty and Staff

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