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Kristina Arturi
Arturi, Kristina
Music Teacher
Born in: Rockledge, FL
College attended: Austin Peay State University
Started teaching in: 2003
Favorite thing about my job: Seeing the happiness on children's faces as they create music
3 things I love: Jesus, my family, and cheesecake!
Favorite quote: Trust in the Lord with all you heart.
Crystal Donaldson
Donaldson, Crystal
Library Assistant
Born in: Nashville, TN
College attended: University of Phoenix
Started working with children in: 2016
Favorite thing about my job: Helping create an academic foundation as well as social-emotional friendly learning environment for our students
3 things I love: My children and family, animals and farm life, and being outdoors
Favorite quote: "What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." - Percicles
Rachel Goldstrom
Goldstrom, Rachel
Art Teacher
Born in: Pittsburgh, PA
College attended: Edinboro University and Carlow University
Started teaching in: 2017
Favorite thing about my job: Exploring art with children, especially paint and the messy, good stuff!
3 things I love: fishing, big trucks, and building things
Favorite quote: Shine your light, make a positive impact in someone’s day
John Kovalchick
Kovalchick, John
PE Teacher
Born in: Youngstown, Ohio
College attended: Ambassador College
Started teaching in: 1982
Favorite part of my job: The students
3 things I love: My wife & family, Greyhounds, and wearing shorts
Beth Raynor
Raynor, Beth
School Counselor
Born in: Macon, Georgia
College attended: Mississippi College, University of North Alabama
Started teaching in: 2019
Favorite thing about my job: Getting to build relationships with the students and staff
3 things I love: My dog, Reading, Dr. Pepper
Favorite quote: "People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be." - Carl Rogers
Jerry Rye
Rye, Jerry
PE Teacher
Born in: Erin, TN
College attended: Austin Peay State University, Nova Southeastern University
Started teaching in: 1999
Favorite thing about my job: Providing healthy activities to get students moving
3 things I love: Fishing, Music, Movies
Trish Willis
Willis, Trish
Born in: Los Angeles, California
College attended: Cal State and Sam Houston State College
Started teaching in: 2005
Favorite thing about my job: Inspiring student's love of reading and books
3 things I love: animals, movies, sight-seeing
Favorite quote: "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." - Fredrick Douglass
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