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Online Payment is available
Be sure to choose Premium for your service because as a resident of Dickson County the $10.00 fee has been waived!

Please note the following:
As a Dickson County Resident you have access to the Premium features at no additional cost.  So be sure to choose Premium when you register!

When you register your child(ren) with k12paymentcenter.com you will be presented with 4 blanks:
  • Student Number:  (7 digit number generated by the Student management software and can be obtained by contacting the student's school or the School Nutrition Department)
  • First Name: (Please use First and Middle Names in this blank)
  • Last Name: (Student's last name)
  • School: (Serving location of student, Note: New Directions Academy students are served at the Charlotte Middle School location and Dickson Middle School 6th grade students are served at Dickson Middle Lower)

As for the school fees features, those have not been activated.  Dickson County is currently using this system for School Nutrition purposes only.  If at any time this becomes active we will let you know.

The online payment has been well received and we look forward to the many improvements with the new system.

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