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Charlotte Elementary School - 2014-2015


I want my child to achieve. I will encourage my child by doing the following:

At Home:

Have a supportive atmosphere for learning

Encourage and check for the regular completion of homework and assignments

Have a quiet, well lit place in my home for homework

Establish a regular time for homework

Discuss with my child progress reports and papers sent home by the teacher

Make an effort to read with my child every day

Let my child see me read

Try to provide my child with a library card and take my child to the library

Praise and encourage my child’s efforts


At School:

            Make sure my child is at school every day and on time

Support the school’s discipline policy

Help my child learn to resolve conflicts in a positive way

Keep in touch with my child’s teacher by responding to messages and working with the teacher to help my child improve



I want to do my best. I will work hard to:

Be at school every day

Do my best in class and on my homework

Respect other students and adults

Cooperate with other students and adults

Follow school rules

Follow classroom rules

Have a regular homework time at home

Ask for help when I need it at home and at school



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Any person who is interested in helping this student may sign along with the parents.


It is important that all students achieve. Therefore, I will work hard to do the following:

Provide learning activities to help each child reach academic goals

Provide homework assignments to help children learn and reinforce what they have learned

Have special activities in the classroom to make learning fun

Communicate with parents about their child’s progress by using progress reports and on-going reviews each nine weeks

Welcome parents’ participation in an effective parent/school partnership on behalf of the student



All of us need to work together on behalf of the children we serve. I will work hard to do the following:

Maintain an effective discipline policy for the school

Inform parents as soon as possible of problems students may have following school rules

Maintain an environment that allows for positive communication between the parent, teacher, and student

Provide a safe and supportive learning environment for students, faculty and staff



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