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Pen and Check The objective of the budget and finance department is to provide the most efficient and effective management of the financial affairs of the school district to ensure compliance with budgetary and reporting goals imposed by the district and other regulatory agencies. The goal of this office is to provide financial reporting that ensures decision makers, both inside and outside of the government, have the financial data they need to make responsible decisions.


This office processes all payments for goods and services, establishes and collects accounts receivables, maintains the general ledger and prepares monthly and annual financial statements, all in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The office also maintains accounting records and request reimbursement for all Federal Programs. Additionally, this office processes time and attendance sheets for approximately 1,100 full and part time employees accurately and on time, maintaining leave records and ensuring the correct and timely payment of payroll, payroll taxes, retirement contributions and deductions. All school board accounts are audited annually by the State Comptroller's Office.


Connie Sullivan - Payroll Clerk
Stacie Ross - Assistant Payroll Clerk
Jessi Wright - Benefits Clerk
Kala Hall - Accounts Payable Clerk

Linda Frazier - Finance Director
Email: lfrazier@dcstn.org
Phone: (615) 446-7571 ext 12000

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