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Pre-K Registration Information

Online enrollment opens on July 20th. Follow the process detailed in the flow chart above and click the available links. The ability to complete an application is turned on for all guardians in Family Access so please submit only one application per child. Please visit your child's school’s website for more detailed enrollment information.  
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CURRENT STUDENTS: You will complete online registration once school begins. Information will be sent out at the beginning of school.    Log in to Family Access for New Student Online Enrollment   
PreK Crayons
Dickson County Schools offers two early childhood programs. Both programs are state certified and implement the Tennessee Early Learning Developmental Standards (TN-ELDS).
The Inclusive Preschool Program is a half-day preschool providing services for children with disabilities and typically developing peers who are 3 or 4 years old on or before August 15th. The program is free for students with disabilities. A typical peer models appropriate skills, speech, and behavior for children with delays in the classroom. All peers must be toilet-trained to participate in the program. The cost is $15 a week, peers attend half-days three days a week, and parents must transport to/from the school. Students attend a morning program from 8 am to 11 am, or attend an afternoon program from 12 pm to 3 pm. Peers participate in a developmental screening prior to acceptance in the program. The Inclusive Preschool Program is provided at Centennial Elementary, Charlotte Elementary, and Oakmont Elementary Schools.
The Voluntary Pre-K (VPK) program provides an all-day early childhood education program for “at risk” four-year old children in accordance with the Tennessee Voluntary Pre-K Scope of Services and Chapter 0520-12-01 Standards for School Administered Child Care Programs. For more information, parents may visit: https://www.tn.gov/education/early-learning/voluntary-pre-k/voluntary-pre-k-information-for-parents.html Enrollment in the VPK Program follows state guidelines for the tier qualifications. Please refer to the Tier descriptions and required documentation for each. Tier 1 students are first priority for placement in the class. Five elementary schools offer the VPK program: Dickson Elementary School, Oakmont Elementary School, Stuart-Burns Elementary School, Vanleer Elementary School, and White Bluff Elementary School.

Registration Information

Registration Information for the Inclusive Preschool Program
Registration for the Inclusive Preschool Program is ongoing and is completed over the phone. Please call the special education office, 615-446-2085, to register. Families interested in the Inclusive Preschool program are placed on a waiting list. The free developmental screening is scheduled with the family prior to acceptance in the program.
Registration Information for the Voluntary Pre-K Program
Registration applications for the Voluntary Pre-K Program for the 2020-2021 school year will be available online beginning Wednesday, May 6th, 2020. Paper packets will also be available (information coming soon), but we strongly urge online registration if at all possible. More information will be posted here, as well as other places on the Dickson County School's website, social media and various community locations. Please review the documents below needed to enroll your child and have them ready when you begin the registration process. Applications will continue to be accepted at each school throughout the year.  
Requirements for the Voluntary Pre-K Program
  • Be 4 years of age on or before August 15. 
  • Live in the zoned area for the school or be able to provide transportation.
  • Provide documentation to apply in Tiers I, II, or III. (Please see Tier classification descriptions at the bottom of the page). 
  • All documentation is due at the time of application (enrollment and Tier). 

In addition to documentation for Tier status, parents are asked to provide the following to enroll child in school and complete the application:

  4. THREE PROOFS OF RESIDENCE (proof of home ownership, rental agreement, driver's license, voter registration card, current utility bill, telephone bill, cable bill, etc) 

Five elementary schools have Voluntary Pre-K (VPK) classes: Dickson Elementary, Oakmont Elementary, Stuart-Burns Elementary, Vanleer Elementary and White Bluff Elementary. If you are zoned for a school that does not offer VPK, you may apply to one of the schools above and you must be able to provide transportation to and from school. Students are accepted to a Pre-K class according to state requirements for Tier Classification (see bottom of page). Classroom spaces are filled in the order of the Tiers following state guidelines. The Pre-K teachers and principals will decide on the eligibility status of all children and notify parents. Applications will continue to be accepted throughout the school year for all Tiers and applicants may be placed on a waiting list.

If you live in Dickson County and are unsure of the school your child is zoned to attend, you may call Transportation at (615) 740-5970. 

White Bluff
Amanda Nicks Misty Hodge Sue Stringfield Andrea Beaubien Andrea Bledsoe
(615) 446-2791
(615) 446-2435
(615) 740-5760
(615) 740-5775
(615) 740-5837
Email: anicks@dcstn.org Email: mhodge@dcstn.org Email: sstringfield@dcstn.org Email: abeaubien@dcstn.org Email: abledsoe@dcstn.org


Dickson County Voluntary Pre-K Program Guidelines for Qualifications

Tier I: Given first consideration:

  • Family meets income eligibility guidelines (TCA 49-6-101-110) (Documentation required for proof: Parent 1040 or DHS Program Participation benefit letter for Food Stamps, Families First, etc.)
  • Children of parents fatally wounded in active military duty

Tier II:

  • Children identified with disabilities with a current IEP (submit first page of current IEP for documentation)
  • Children identified as English Language Learners 

Tier III: 

  • Children living in a single parent home, children whose parents are military deployed in active duty, children of a disabled veteran (50% disabled or more with documentation), children of teen parents, children of parents with limited education, children in the temporary, permanent, or long term care of family or guardian (court documentation required)

Tier IV:

  • Eligible typically developing four year olds who have not provided documentation to be classified in another Tier.

* Senate Bill 1022

  • a) Each LEA is authorized to and may provide for enrollment in prekindergarten programs for any at-risk child residing in the geographic area served by the LEA who is four (4) years of age, or who will become four (4) years of age, on or before August 15. Any child may enroll in a program when an insufficient number of at-risk children are enrolled to fill a specific classroom. 

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