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Online Learning, Instruction and Technology Resources

Online Learning, Instruction and Technology Resources

In order to be clear, we recommend that K-8 students who have Internet access login into Clever to complete their iReady and Achieve assignments. High School students will also use Clever to access the Edgenuity application for their curriculum.

The district has prepared some optional continued learning opportunities for students. We believe these will support students in remaining actively engaged in the learning process from home during school closure. For information about the programs and how to access them, please use the provided grade level tabs.
K-8 Opportunities
Dickson County Schools utilizes different online applications to aid in educating your student. Most all applications can be accessed using the Clever portal. If your student has access to internet, it's recommended to use the Clever portal to access current and new curriculum for study. The printable packets are only for students without access to internet. Most students will know the Clever process and should be able to access the appropriate applications once they are logged in. 
Within the Clever application, students will have access to iReady**, Achieve 3000 and other learning applications. iReady is the recommended resource for Math. This is a high quality program that will support students in reviewing skills. It offers both online learning and printable learning options.  ELA recommendations vary by grade bands. Smarty Ants is recommended for students in grades K-2. In grades 3-5, the recommended ELA resource is Achieve 3000 and for students in grades 6-8, the recommended ELA resource is iReady. All three of these resources are high quality and will provide students multiple opportunities to review and enhance previously learned skills.
In addition to the above recommendations, links to a variety of free online resources for all content areas are available within the grade level tabs. For students who are unable to access online resources, printed materials will be made available at parent request.
As a reminder, students will not receive grades for these activities.

**i-Ready System Requirements including mobile devices 
District K-5 Reading Incentive Program 
We want to continue to encourage students to read 20 minutes a day during school closure. This is a fun, optional approach for students to do while at home. For complete information, check under the K-5 grade level tabs.
Important points
  • If your student has access to internet, please use Clever to access all primary learning materials.
  • Clever contains the Achieve 3000 & iReady lessons that are simlilar to the packets for grades K-8. Printing these packets is unnecessary if your student has internet access. Again, please use Clever online if possible.
  • K-5 Students: You will find a link to the right named K-5 Parent/Student Home Learning Packet. This packet will detail how to help your student continue learning while at home without internet access. This is the printed packet that will be provided by the District. Any other printable materials will need to be printed by the parent or student.
    *NOTE: If a parent or student chooses to print any other packets, only print one lesson at a time. Math packets can be worked on paper without printing if a student/parent can download the digital version of the packet to a device that can be used offline. 
High School Learning Opportunities
Edgenuity is the online platform high school students can use to review course material. Students will access Edgenuity usin the  Clever website. Edgenuity will allow students to choose a variety of courses that will help them stay up-to-date on their current studies.  Edgenuity also offers students an ACT practice course. In addition to Edgenuity, other links to free online resources are available for many of the content areas including science, history, and world languages and can be found on the High School grade page. Additional links to resources will be provided as needed. Packets of work will also be made available at parent request to support those who may be unable to access online resources.
New! PBS Learning 
Through a partnership with the state‚Äôs PBS stations, Tennessee students will have access to daily instructional content during COVID-19 school closures, starting April 6. Tune in Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. CT for Teaching Tennessee. Tennessee educators will provide a virtual classroom lesson on English Language Arts or Math for grades 1-8. Four hours of content will also be streamed overnight, which viewers can watch live or record. For more information, visit https://www.tn.gov/education/pbsteachinghttps://www.tn.gov/education/pbsteaching
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