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 Mission Statement:    At CMS, our team strives for academic, social, and emotional growth in order to build a respectful community. 

 Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Enthusiasm, Respect…That’s the Tiger Way

Beliefs1. CMS believes in a strong academic setting with learning as the top priority. 
2. Collaborative efforts for learning and decision making are the responsibilities of students, families, the community, and the CMS staff. 
3. Challenging and innovative lessons stimulate critical thinking, reasoning, questioning, and creativity. 
4. Teamwork is vital for success, and individuality is treasured. 
5. A strong work ethic and personal responsibility is prized and rewarded. 
6. Comprehensive development embraces intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well being as a vital component of each individual. 
7. Grade level transition requires higher expectations and more responsibility that progress toward independence. 
8. Community organizations and individuals offer unique and valuable contributions to our educational programs and are a part of our educational goals. 

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