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Angela Alberd
Alberd, Angela
School Secretary
Born in: Clarksville, TN
Started working with children in: 2012
Favorite thing about my job: Talking to parents in person or on the phone and helping teachers and students
3 things I love: Camping, Hiking, and Crafting
Favorite quote: "Hike Your Own Hike." - Thru-Hiker
Annitta Baggett
Baggett, Annitta
Instructional Coach
Born in: Dickson, TN
College attended: APSU
Started working with children in: 2005
Favorite thing about my job: Watching people learn, grow, and improve in character/knowledge
3 things I love: reading, swimming, hiking
Favorite quote: "Whatever you do, do it well." - Walt Disney
Janice Corbin
Corbin, Janice
Born in: Dickson, Tennessee
Started working with children in: 1989
Favorite thing about my job: Working with children and having summers off
3 things I love: Dr. Pepper, going on trips, playing games on my IPad
Favorite quote: It is what it is...
Andrew Daniels
Daniels, Andrew
Assistant Principal
Born In: Dyersburg, Tn
Started working with children in: 1995
Favorite thing about my job: I get to see children grow and accomplish great things each and every day.
3 things I love: Family, University of Tn (Go Big Orange), and the outdoors.
Favorite Quote: My teacher thought that I was smarter than I was, so I was.
Jacob Dotson
Dotson, Jacob
Born In: Nashville, Tn.
College Attended: Bethel University
Started working with students: 2023
Favorite Thing about my job: Helping people and protecting the community
3 things I love: Spending time with my family, deer hunting, and fishing
Favorite Quote: Happiness depends on ourselves
Natilee Sensing
Sensing, Natilee
Sue Stringfield
Stringfield, Sue
Born in: Philadelphia, PA
College attended: University of Tennessee, Austin Peay State University, Tennessee State University
Started teaching in: 1988
Favorite thing about my job: Helping students and staff be successful
3 things I love: reading, traveling, eating out
Favorite quote: "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." - Mother Teresa
Kimberly Summers
Summers, Kimberly
School Nurse
Born in: Dearborn, Michigan
Started working with students in: 2018
Favorite thing about my job: Getting to know and connect with each student and their families along with the family atmosphere of our VES staff
3 things I love: My Husband & two Boys, Riding our Harley Motorcycle, Art& Photography
Favorite quote: "There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly."
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