Important School Child Care Information
If you are need of childcare during our January 5-22, 2021, Hybrid Schedule, we are offering a K-5 Hybrid Camp with limited space at White Bluff Elementary from 6am - 6pm. If interested, please email Melanie Christy at [email protected] to ask for details.

Dickson County Schools

Every Student Every Day


A current menu can be obtained from your cafeteria manager

Offered Daily: (All Middle and High Schools)
Smart Mouth Pizza   
Pepperoni & Sausage
Chicken Wrap
Buffalo Wrap
Bacon Chicken Wrap
Turkey Bacon Wrap
PB&J Meal Grape or Strawberry Uncrustable

Also offered Daily at the High Schools
Turkey & Cheese Sandwich
Ham & Cheese Sandwich 
Smart Mouth Pizza
Menu subject to change due to product availability
Removing the Hunger Barrier 
Prices and Breakfast Serving Times
 Breakfast Lunch Breakfast
School  FullReducedStaffVisitor FullReduced Staff Visitor Start End 
 CENT$1.25$0.30$1.50$1.75$2.50$0.40$3.50$3.75 7:107:45 
 CES 7:108:00 
 DES 7:157:45 
 OES 7:107:50 
 SBES 7:007:50
 TDS 7:107:40 
 VES 7:007:45 
 WBES 7:057:40
 BMS $1.25$ 0.30$1.50$1.75$2.75$0.40$3.50$3.75 7:10 7:45
 CMS 7:15 7:45 
 DMS 7:00 8:00
 WJMS 7:15 7:45 
 $1.25$0.30$1.50$1.75$2.75 $0.40$3.50$3.75 7:15 7:55 
 DCHS7:00  7:50
 Holiday Meal Visitor Price all schools

Offered Daily at all Middle and High Schools :
Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Chicken Wrap
Bacon Chicken Wrap
Turkey Bacon Wrap
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