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Dickson Intermediate School Dress Code

As a result of stakeholder input from teachers, students, and parents, the following is considered acceptable school attire for the school year.
  • Collared shirts of any color
  • Traditional/crewneck t-shirts of any color that touch the neckline
  • Blue jeans or pants of any color 
  • Leggings only allowed if shirt or dress covering them is fingertip length or longer
  • Shorts that are fingertip length or longer
  • Skirts that are fingertip length or longer
  • Dresses that are fingertip length or longer and top half of dress touches neck line or has a crewneck t-shirt underneath
  • Holes in jeans or shorts must be beneath the fingertips
  • If a collared shirt has more than two buttons undone, a t-shirt must be worn underneath it. Camisoles and tank tops are not acceptable
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