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2019-2020 Zoning Changes

The Dickson County School System is in the process of revising school attendance zones to create an attendance area for the new Burns Middle School and to address anticipated enrollment across the county. Boundary changes are projected to become effective for the 2019-2020 school year. The Board of Education will also be opening a new elementary school during the Fall of 2019. When revising school boundaries, the System looks to minimize disruption to students and families, while balancing the capacity of schools and managing student enrollment and school system efficiency.

Based on the necessary attendance area for the new Burns Middle School, and with the creation of the new elementary school, the System will need to examine boundaries county-wide.

Anticipated goals of the zoning will be:

=         Revise attendances area for the new school & elementary schools in the city of Dickson.

=         Eliminate areas of potential overcrowding.

=         Provide for an equitable distribution of students.

=         Accommodate potential enrollment changes.

Factors which will be considered in the revision of school zones include:

=         School size (core capacity & student capacity).

=         Student transportation needs (minimize travel, maximize efficiency).

=         Contiguous attendance areas / logical divisions in street and traffic patterns.

=         Long-term boundary plan which is to be incorporated with building plans.

=         Demographic diversity.

=         Fiscal responsibility.

Board members will be available for listening tours on the following:

Feb 11 @ Oakmont Elementary (5:30 pm)

Feb 21 @ Dickson Middle (6:00 pm)

Mar 05 @ The Discovery School (7:00 pm)

The public is welcome to come to any of the three meetings. In addition, comments may be
e-mailed to
info@dcstn.org. Frequently asked questions will be placed on the System’s website.

The listening tours are an opportunity for the community to provide input; however, these are not question and answer sessions. Community members who have questions will have an opportunity to leave questions and have a response returned to them.

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