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Forms:  Student Health Concerns forms are completed by parent/guardian each year.  It is important to be able to reach you in case of a medical emergency, so please return these forms to your child's school nurse as soon as possible.
Medications:  Whenever possible, medication should be given at home.  However, in the event your child needs medication during school hours, please be sure to have the Medication Authorization form completed by your child's physician and signed by a parent/guardian.  All medication must be brought to the school by a parent/guardian and checked in with the school nurse or other trained staff.  All prescription medications must have a pharmacy label with the following information:  name, prescription number, name of of medication and dosage, administration instructions, date filled, prescriber's name, and pharmacy's name, address, and phone number.  Ask your pharmacy for an extra bottle with label to bring to the school.  All non-prescription medications must be brought in the original unopened manufacturer labeled container with the ingredients listed.  The student's name, dose and frequency of medication should be written on the bottle with a permanent marker.
Clothing:  At times, children may soil or rip their clothing.  Thanks to the parents/guardians who have donated, we usually have clothes for them to wear home.  Please, return these items washed as soon as possible so they are available for other students.  If your child has ongoing bathroom issues, please put an extra change of clothes in their backpack for personal use.
Screenings:  All students in K, two, four, six, eight and ninth will have a health screening perfomed annually by Coordinated School Health.  Abnormal finding, parents are notified.  Please, contact the school nurse if you have any concerns regarding your child and any of the screening process.
Illness/Injury:  If your child is ill or injured during school hours, the school nurse will assess him/her.  You will not be contacted each time your child visits the school nurse, however, in the event your child appears to have a serious illness/injury, every effort will be made to notify you.  Please, be sure all phone numbers and health care information are current throughout the school year.
Food Allergies/Outside Food:  Many students at Dickson County Schools have food allergies.  It is imperative that parents notify the school nurse and the student's teacher of any food allergies as soon as possible.  In order to keep all students safe, we ask that parents DO NOT bring in outside food, other than lunches and healty snacks for their own child's consumption.  A food allergy can turn into a potentially life-threatening situation.  Parents are encouraged to consider books, pencils, or other non-food items for birthdays, parties and end of year celebrations. 
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