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Dickson County High Vision Statement

Dickson County High School is dedicated to a student-centered, innovative, and rigorous college and career readiness program where:

  • Are actively engaged in the learning process by asking questions, setting their own goals, and tracking their individual progress;
  • Acquire practical, real-world experience and application across the curriculum in various formats and content areas;
  • Demonstrate work ethic, accountability and commitment through a challenging, believed in as learners, and safe environment;
  • Understand and demonstrate COUGARPRIDE:
    • Respect Yourself
    • Respect Other Students
    • Respect Teachers and Staff
    • Respect School Property and Facilities
  • Demonstrate and articulate a common understanding of state standards and research-based instructional and assessment strategies;
  • Collaborate and effectively use Professional Learning Communities to drive;
    • decisions about assessment,
    • the analysis of assessment data, and
    • implications for changes in instruction;
  • Regularly participate in highly qualified professional development opportunities that are differentiated based on individual, school, and district needs and apply it in their daily practice;
  • Understand each student learns differently, but by knowing their individual strengths, can help ALL Students Reach Their Fullest Potential.
Schools and Leaders:
  • Provide a safe and challenging environment for ALL learners and utilizes schedules that maximizes instruction for all content areas;
  • Promote the value of a well-kept campus and facility;
  • Honor, respect, and uphold the traditions of COUGARNATION, strategically celebrating past and present success of our school;
  • Guarantee clear and consistent policies and procedures for students, parents, community, and staff.
Parents and Community:
  • Know their child’s data/progress by staying regularly connected to teachers, staff, and administrators, through multiple communication channels;
  • Actively participate in the educational process of their children through activities, conferences, and informational meetings that provide, promote, and enhance our goals for ALL students;
  • Lead and use their unique skills and abilities to organize and collaborate on school activities;
  • Demonstrate their passion for COUGARNATION to members of the community who do not have a direct contact in the school.
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