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Charlotte Elementary School – School Supply List for 2021-2022


~Backpack (no wheels please)

~Box for pencils/crayons (approx. 8”X 5”)

~Crayons - 4/5 boxes (for the whole year/Crayola is best 

~Pencils (pre-sharpened, #2 pencils, 

NO mechanical pencils, NO designs, and Ticonderoga preferred)

~Scissors (Fiskars/blunt end - 1 pair) 

~1 (plastic) folder with prongs and pockets

~Glue sticks - 3 packages or 6 individual sticks

~Pack of black dry erase markers

~Headphones (NO ear buds!-Computer lab/used again each year)

~Clorox wipes – 2 containers

~Kleenex – 1 box

~1 bottle hand sanitizer

*FYI: Tennis shoes are required for PE days!

~If your child cannot tie his/her own shoes, please have them wear velcro shoes.

First Grade

Headphones for classroom only

Backpack (no wheels please)

Pencils (pre-sharpened, #2 pencils, no designs,

no mechanical pencils & Ticonderoga preferred)

4-5 boxes Crayons (Crayola preferred)

1 pair scissors

1 pack of glue sticks

2 packs cap erasers

2 boxes of Kleenex

2 containers of Clorox/Lysol wipes

1 bottle of Hand Sanitizer

1 Pencil box
 Mead K-2 Primary Journal

2 packs of Dry erase markers (Expo brand preferred)

Second Grade

 Backpack (no wheels please)

1 pack pencils #2 Ticonderoga (pre sharpened)

2 boxes crayons (24 count)

1 pair scissors

1 pack of glue sticks

2 boxes of Kleenex

2 rolls of paper towels

1 pencil box

1 pack of BLACK Expo markers

1 pack of  YELLOW highlighters

1 bottle of hand sanitizer     

2 containers of Clorox wipes 

2 wide-ruled spiral notebooks

1 pack cap erasers

Headphones for classroom only

1 green Five Star folder

Third Grade

3 packs of #2 pencils -#2 Ticonderoga preferred

4 boxes 24 count crayons  

1 pair of scissors

1 pack of highlighters

3 packs of cap erasers

4 folders with prongs and pockets

2 spiral notebooks

4 pack of dry erase markers (black required)  

2 boxes of Tissues

2 rolls of paper towels 

1 large zipper pencil pouch  

2 bottles hand soap

1 container of disinfecting wipes

Headphones for classroom use

Fourth Grade

4 packs of pencils-#2 Ticonderoga preferred

4 packs of cap erasers

1 pack of glue sticks

1 pair of scissors

1 zippered pencil pouch (please no pencil boxes)

1 pack of wide-ruled notebook paper

1 box of 24-count crayons

2 folders with pockets and prongs

3 composition books

1 pack dry erase markers

1 pack of yellow highlighters

2 boxes of Kleenex

2 rolls of paper towels

2 containers of disinfecting wipes 

1  bottle of  hand sanitizer

1 bottle of liquid hand soap

Kid-friendly headphones for classroom use

$4 for travel bag-  to use for switching classes (ordered at school so all bags match)

Fifth Grade

4 packs of pencils (pre-sharpened #2 Ticonderoga)

1 packs of cap erasers

6 single-subject spiral notebooks  

1- 2 inch binder with clear pocket on the front

2 packs Elmer's glue sticks (4 count each)

1 bottle of Elmer’s liquid glue

1 pack twistable colored pencils            

1 pack of markers

2 boxes of Kleenex

1 pack large Black Expo markers

1 pack of thin yellow highlighters

1 roll of paper towels

2 containers of disinfectant wipes

1 pair scissors 

2 packs of dividers (5 tab each)

1 large bottle Germ-X

$7 for travel bag/agenda/pencil pouch - ordered at school to all match

Headphones for classroom only

CES Creative Arts Team Wish List
Black sharpie markers (permanent)
Glue sticks
1 pack of copy paper    
Hand sanitizer
Clorox wipes
1 bottle of liquid soap
Headphones for computer lab (new students only)

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