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COVID Protocol - Frequently Asked Questions

Dickson County Schools Elementary Division

2021 - 2022

Will masks be required?

Masks are not required; however, students, staff, and visitors may wear masks in buildings.  Anyone not vaccinated and in a high-risk category is encouraged to wear masks.  Any facial coverings must comply with current dress code. 

Will students be socially distanced? 

To the extent possible, students will be socially distanced by approximately 3 feet.  Staff will continue to promote the concept of personal space. Additionally, we will recommence with the practice of frequent handwashing, using available hand sanitizer, and intentional cleaning of common classroom areas. Donations of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be appreciated by schools.

Will I be able to walk my student into the building? 

For grades K-3 or in other circumstances where a student may need this support, there will be a one-week transition period for parents/guardians to walk students to class. After the one-week period, we expect that students enter the school without an escort to develop a sense of independence and to decrease the chance of outside germs or contaminants.

Will the protocols for dropping items off for students at school be the same as last year?

Yes, in an effort to decrease the chance of outside germs or contaminants in the schools, we will have drop-off locations near the front entrance of each school for your convenience. We understand there will be special circumstances when parents may need to come inside for this purpose.

Will visitors be able to have breakfast or lunch with students?

Due to limited space in our cafeterias and to limit outside germs or contaminants, we will not be able to accommodate visitors during our breakfast and lunch times due to our social distancing efforts.

Will all students still receive free breakfast and lunch? 

All students will automatically receive free breakfast and lunch this school year.  However, it is very important that families continue to complete the free/reduced lunch application to be eligible for other state benefits. 


Will Open House be face-to-face this year? Our Open Houses will be face-to-face.  We ask that you be respectful to other families and maintain a safe distance during your visits. 

Will Parent Teacher Conferences and other parent/teacher meetings be face to face?

We plan to have face-to-face conferences on November 8, 2021.  Additional meetings with parents will be face-to-face to the greatest extent possible.

What is the Attendance expectation for 2021-22?

Students and staff who are not feeling well should stay at home. However, normal attendance rules and regulations will be applied this school year.

Please see the 2021-22 COVID OPERATING PROTOCOLS & PROCEDURES on our district website,  www.dcstn.org.

Please accept our thanks in advance for your cooperation with our continued health and safety efforts to keep our schools as safe as possible to avoid any adverse conditions related to the continued pandemic. 

The Administrators of the Elementary Division 2021-22

Centennial Elementary - Principal Crysti Sheley

Charlotte Elementary- Principal Dr. Malissa Johnson

Dickson Elementary - Principal Andrea Bledsoe

Oakmont Elementary - Principal Misty Hodge

Stuart Burns Elementary - Principal Melinda Fortner

Sullivan Central Elementary - Principal Amanda Roche

The Discovery School - Principal Rachel Storment

Vanleer Elementary - Principal Sue Stringfield

White Bluff Elementary - Principal Andrea Beaubien

Director of Elementary Education - Ernestine Adams

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