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Director of Student Services

The Department of Student Services is available to meet the needs of all students in Dickson County Schools.  The need for services may vary by age but the support and call for resources covers all students from our pre-kindergarten students to our senior high students.  Dickson County Schools will pledge to support all students in order for each individual child to have the opportunity to be successful.

The Department of Student Services includes attendance and discipline among many other services.  Dickson County Schools believes student attendance is critical for the student to learn at a rate to become proficient.  Our schools will be very active in regularly monitoring student attendance.  Discipline is also a critical element to promote safe and orderly progress in our school and in our classrooms.  Student expectations will be clearly communicated and appropriate consequences are assigned when these expectations are not met as expected.

Support for our students is available anytime there are needs or disabilities which prevent the student from performing in the classroom as needed.  The schools and system administrators will collaborate to provide every student with the highest possible means to meet their individual performance level.  Please feel free to contact any of the representatives of Student Services if you have questions about your student.

Student Services Contacts
Carol Floyd Administrative Assistant - Discipline and 504 Plans
Mary Morrow School Health Directory
Jessica Alberson Behavior Coordinator

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