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Dr. Robbie Faulkner / Director of Secondary Education
817 N. Charlotte St.
Dickson, TN 37055
615-446-7571 Ext # 11700
[email protected]

Debbie Jarman / Administrative Assistant
ID Badge / Prox Card
High School Transcripts 5 Yrs prior to current year
615-446-7571 Ext # 15100
[email protected]
The purpose of the Department of Secondary Education for Dickson County Schools is to monitor the curriculum and related academic programs as it pertains to student learning in grades six (6) through twelve (12). The primary goal is to ensure that all students have access to a guaranteed and viable curriculum in all content areas and classrooms throughout the district.
  • Curriculum Development 6-12
  • System / School Improvement Plans -Secondary
  • Transcript Analysis / Credit Modification
  • Alternative Credit Options / Correspondence Schools
  • Testing Administration - Secondary & Writing
  • Early Graduation Programs
  • Virtual High School
  • Teacher Observations
Six schools are included within the Department of Secondary Education.
  • High Schools
    • Creek Wood High School
      Principal: Polly Spencer – Charlotte, TN
      Assistant Principals: Misty Meadows,  Marcus Peters,  Leslie Christy
    • Dickson County High School
      Principal: Joey Holley – Dickson, TN
      Assistant Principals:  Melinda Fortner, Troy Williams, Katherine Perez,
  • Middle Schools
    • Burns Middle School
      Principal: Dr. Corey Duke – Dickson, TN
      Assistant Principal: Michele Prieur
    • Charlotte Middle School
      Principal: Dr. Justin Barden – Charlotte, TN
      Assistant Principal: April Baehr
    • Dickson Middle School
      Principal: Leslie Harrison – Dickson, TN
      Assistant Principals: Hubbell King, Ryan Sensing
    • William James Middle School
      Principal: Jan Ford – White Bluff, TN
      Assistant Principal: Mitch Pierce
  • Alternative School

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