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Dickson County Schools' Technology Department aims to prepare students for a technologically driven future by equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the digital world. Three main areas of focus are:

  • Supporting Effective Learning:
    • Equipping classrooms: Ensuring adequate access to devices, software, and internet connectivity for all students and teachers.
    • Promoting innovative teaching: Providing training and resources on using technology to enhance instruction, personalize learning, and engage students.
    • Fostering digital literacy: Building skills in information research, online communication, and responsible technology use.

  • Facilitating Efficient Operations:
    • Maintaining reliable infrastructure: Maintaining the network, devices, and software to ensure consistent and secure access to technology.
    • Streamlining administrative processes: Utilizing technology to improve communication, resource management, and data analysis for efficient school operations.
    • Strengthening data security: Implementing measures to protect sensitive student and school data.

  • Bridging the Digital Divide:
    • Promoting equitable access: Addressing any gaps in technology resources and ensuring all students have opportunities to use technology in their learning.
    • Providing digital literacy support: Offering resources to families and teachers to bridge the digital divide and maximize technology's benefits.
    • Partnering with the community: Collaborating with organizations to provide additional technology resources and support.

Dickson County Schools Tech Hub - Powerful resources for all Dickson County Schools' employees.

HelpDesk System
In order to best meet the needs of all of our staff, all technology requests should be made by submitting a HelpDesk ticket. Unless priorities, costs, etc. dictate otherwise, these tickets will be worked in the order received.

Ben Lewis, B.S. Business Administration
Instructional Technology Coordinator
(615) 446-7571

Scott Malugin, A+, Net+
Lead Technician, Network Administrator, Phone System Administrator
Staff Member Since 1999

Tammy Spicer, A.A.S. Information Technology
Career & Technical Education Specialist, Cloud Systems Administrator
Staff Member Since 2005

Reneè Rodriguez, B.S. Computer Networks and Security, A+, Net+, Security+, Windows OS
Instructional Computer Technician
Staff Member Since 2013

Antonio Rodriguez, Computer Information Technology Certificate, A+, Net+, Security+
Instructional Computer Technician
Staff Member Since 2017

Student Records Clerk
Staff Member Since 2019

Emily Murphy, M.A. Education, Ed.S. School Counseling
Student Data Manager, Call System Administrator, EIS Manager
Staff Member Since 2020

HelpDesk Support Specialist, Repair Technician
Staff Member Since 2020

Assistant Network Administrator
Staff Member Since 2020

Lori Buhler
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Staff Member Since 2021

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