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New Employee Online Orientation

Congratulations on becoming part of the Dickson County School system! We are glad you are here.

Part of the new hire process is to complete a day of New Employee Orientation, usually held in July. If you were hired after this in-person orientation day, you will need to complete the New Employee Online Orientation instead.

Please follow the instructions below to complete the training.

  1. Go to the online course website here.

  2. Click Sign up at the top right of the page. Create an account using your @dcstn.org email address.  **NOTE** If you will not be receiving a @dcstn.org email address, please use a personal email to set up your account.

  3. Once you have setup your account, click Access Course. Or click, Enroll at the bottom.

  4. Complete the New Employee Orientation course. 
A. All videos must be watch in their entirety.
B. Presentations are supplemental and are for your information only.
C. Be sure to click COMPLETE & CONTINUE in the upper right corner to get credit for completing that section.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out the HR department for assistance.
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