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Literacy encompasses a complex set of skills and abilities that empower students to engage critically with the world around them. Here's a summary of its main aspects:

Reading Comprehension:
  • Ability to decode (sound out) and comprehend written text, analyzing its meaning and purpose.
  • Develop critical thinking skills to question, analyze, and interpret information.
  • Extract key ideas, recognize inferences, and understand author's intent.

Writing and Communication:
  • Effective communication through written and spoken language.
  • Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely for different audiences and purposes.
  • Master writing mechanics like grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Research and Information Literacy:
  • Locate, evaluate, and critically assess information from various sources, including digital platforms.
  • Develop research skills to gather evidence, analyze data, and draw conclusions.
  • Form informed opinions and make responsible decisions based on evidence.

Lifelong Learning:
  • Foster a love of reading and lifelong learning habits.
  • Equip students with the tools to continuously expand their knowledge and skills.
  • Build confidence to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Overall, literacy in public education aims to cultivate informed, critical thinkers, effective communicators, and responsible citizens ready to contribute meaningfully to society.
Andrea Rawls
Elementary Literacy Coordinator

Secondary Literacy Coordinator

Dickson County Schools Foundational Literacy Skills Plan Approved: May 29, 2021 Updated: December 1, 2023

This Foundational Literacy Skills Plan has been approved by the Tennessee Department of Education and meets the requirements of the Tennessee Literacy Success Act. All portions of the Foundational Literacy Skills plan were submitted to the department and approved. 

Dickson County Early Literacy Vision

In Dickson County, we will ensure that ALL students enter third grade as proficient readers. Teaching reading is science, so we will provide students with highly trained educators who use high quality materials and create a safe environment for students to learn. No matter what teacher a student has, what classroom they are in, or what school they attend- they will have access to an equitable learning environment.

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