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Adding New Staff to Skyward

Directions for Adding Staff in Skyward

  1. If staff member is new to county, get as much of this information is possible to prevent state reporting errors: date of birth, license number, license name (best to have first, middle, last), and endorsement.
    1. Ideally, the staff member provides a copy of his / her license.
    2. If teacher does not yet have license number, he/she may still be added.
    3. If new staff member has not previously worked in Dickson County, ask if new staff member attended Dickson County Schools and under what name. He/she may already be in the system, and it's best to use the original entry.
    4. If necessary, go to https://tdoe.tncompass.org/Public/Search and search for license using the first and last name under which teacher was licensed.
    Remember that Skwyard software is upgraded periodically. Changes may be necessary in the steps below.
  2. In Skyward,
    1. Staff
    2. Add
    3. Type in last, first and middle (if available) name,
    4. Click the "Click Here When Full Name Is Entered" button,
    5. Select the correct entry and or proceed with entering a new staff member,
    6. If you have in-county teachers transferring to your school, you should also communicate with Skyward staff at the school from which they came so they can be inactivated at the previous school for 2017-18
    7. Complete staff information fields for the staff member (SSN not necessary if valid license number entered),
    8. Save,
    9. Expand (click the pointer) beside new staff name,
    10. Edit / complete general and address fields as needed (if no phone number, then no snow day notifications),
    11. Make sure assignment is appropriate for teacher job (G1 for grade 1, SG for grades 9-12, etc.),
    12. Add entity history for your building
      1. Add History,
      2. Select your school,
      3. Select 2017-18 as school year,
      4. Save,
    13. Add staff type of F (if necessary),
    14. Expand Entity and edit as necessary
      1. Edit,
      2. mark active current and next year,
      3. select grade,
      4. select building,
      5. select room number,
      6. Check Box for Default Entity for this Staff Member (otherwise staff member will not receive school calls from principal),
      7. Save,
    15. Fill in other information such as department as needed and save.
    After you've entered staff on your staff table, please communicate with the Skyward district support team by clicking here, by ticket or by email. 

    If you submit new staff names in tickets or emails, please put each name on a separate line.
    Group each set of names by type of role, and list license first name and license last name in this format:
    Randall Brison
    Denise Brison
    Amy Fitzgerald
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