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Dickson County Schools - Portable Device Agreement

Every student in Dickson County Schools will be issued a District Chromebook for classroom learning at the beginning of each school year.  All students will be responsible for the care and use of their device. Students and parents are expected to know and comply with all guidelines and expectations regarding technology and online learning.

All parents/guardians will need to complete the Portable Device Agreement in their child's Skyward Family Access portal, 1 per student. If parents have any questions, please contact your child's school.

Dickson County Schools Student Portable Device Agreement

While the device is in your possession, you agree to the following:

  1. You are responsible for the proper use and operation of your assigned device.  You must comply with all of the Dickson County Schools Board Policies. Dickson County Schools Student Acceptable Use Policy 4.406, Dickson County Schools Acceptable Use Agreement and the Dickson County Schools Chromebook User Guide.

  2. Students and parents/guardians understand that the device is the property of Dickson County Schools and is subject to inspection at any time.  

  3. Students and parents/guardians are responsible for loss, theft or damage that occurs to this device while in your possession, or as a result of misuse and you agree to take care of the financial obligation related to this event as outlined in the Dickson County Schools Chromebook User Guide. 

  4. Loss or theft of the property must be reported to the District by the next school day after the occurrence.  A police report will be filed in cooperation with parents/guardians and the child's school.

  5. This device is provided for educational purposes only.  The parents/guardians will accept full responsibility for the actions of the student using this device while not in school. 

  6. Home use should be limited to the student to which the device is assigned. 

  7. Students and parents/guardians agree to present this device with its cords and cables for check-in at the end of the school year at your base school. 
If you have chosen to participate in the protection plan, you can complete your payment online using the PayPal link below. If you chose to submit cash, check or money order to your student's school, please do so at your earliest convenenience.
***Be sure to include your child's first and last names as well as their base school in the Paypal form to ensure they are enrolled in the Technology Protection Plan*** 

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